The Seeds Within Me

I feel something growing within me and I realize now I’ve felt this all my life, but in different forms. When I was young, it was the wonder of understanding everything I possibly could. Of reading and writing and nurturing the seed of learning. I was innocent, and believed that everything I was learning would help me become a better version of myself.

As I grew older, it was the seed of love that blossomed inside me. At first, it was a seed of passion and excitement. And now this seed has grown into a depth of love for another person which has taken its roots into every corner of my being. The roots will remain forever.

Then there were the actual seeds of human life growing within me – the greatest seeds of all. They were inside my womb, gaining nourishment from my body and then they were born. But those seeds have never left my body, wherever the winds may take them. They only grow stronger, taking shape in different forms, adding colorful variety to my life, like the garden I am looking at now. Yellows and pinks, lilacs and pure white.

There is one seed within me which has always been there, however, which has never really blossomed. And that is the seed of my true self. Who am I, really, and what wonderous things can I plant into this world, to see them grow wildly?

I can feel it growing, taking shape, giving me clues that, indeed, it is time now to nourish this new seed. To water it, and feed it, and let it blossom. I can’t wait to see how my new garden grows.

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