Vicki Bradley: On Resilience and Being in Alignment

On this, first interview of The Midlife Reinvention, Kavita interviews Vicki Bradley  who graciously shares her views on the importance of resilience and being in alignment with yourself, and so much more.

Vicki is a seasoned executive with over 25 years of experience in leading high performing teams in the retail industry across North America. She has held progressive roles with  retailers including President of the Bombay Furniture Company in Canada , SVP of Sales and Operations with Marks and Spencer’s, VP of Sales and Operations with Holt Renfrew (Hr2), and progressive roles within the Woolworth Organization across North America. 

Today, Vicki is the Founder and executive coach at Vicki Bradley and Company, where she works with  businesses to attract, retain and advance women into senior leadership roles. She is also the Founder and CEO of WIL Empowered. As a mentor and coach for top executives she created the WIL Empowered program to provide all the tools and training necessary for women to become effective leaders and accelerate their careers. You can reach out to her directly for her expertise at:

Here are the key takeaways from Vicki:

1) Being in alignment is available to all of us once we become conscious of that. Believing in the possibilities is the starting point.

2)  Remember what your gifts are, what are your strengths? When you get up every day what do you get excited about sharing with the world? Ask your friends – what do they see?

3)  Change is not easy, but hugely gratifying once you make the leap because you’re more in alignment with who you are meant to be. “Sometimes staying the same is more painful than the change”

4)  Take that path of your true potentiality which is so critical especially in our world today. It’s so important to recognize what our purpose is, because we are doing a disservice to those around us when we are not reaching our full potential

5)  Don’t compare yourself to others – you don’t know what their life is like. How do you make the most of your life?

6)  How do you want to show up today? Who do you want to impact? You have a choice and be aware of how you utilize those choices

7) You can choose the different types of energy that you put out. You can choose anabolic or positive energy, or catabolic or negative, draining energy which leads to dis-ease or disease in us.

8) If you had the opportunity to do anything – magic wand – what would you be doing? Be courageous and do it! Ask yourself – Do I want to Survive or thrive?

9)    One day – day one! You have that choice. We weren’t created to be on that hamster wheel or to be on auto-pilot.

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