What Words Will Define Your Year?

As I was growing up, our annual New Year’s Resolution meeting was a cherished tradition in my family.

A Word Or Phrase That Will Define My New Year:

My father, armed with his journal, would guide each of us in crafting resolutions for the upcoming year. Little did I know that this ritual instilled in me a lifelong belief that a new year is a fresh start, of new possibilities and new beginnings. Over the years, however, the practice of writing New Year’s resolutions became cumbersome and often resulted in disappointment, if I didn’t quite reach or exceed these expectations for myself. Does that happen to you?

Instead – I decided to formulate a word or phrase that will define my New Year. How is this different? A word or phrase carries with it intentions or themes rather than a strict set of rules or resolutions. When we falter – we can always remember these words to help us gently guide our way back into alignment. 

“When you are in flow, even difficult tasks can seem ‘easy’.”

My words for this year are: Ease and Flow.

What does that mean? Ease does not necessarily mean that it needs to be ‘easy’. When you are in flow, even difficult tasks can seem ‘easy’.

In Life We Have A Choice:

When we desire something, we need to have the belief in our hearts that it will come to us. Everything we do in order to make that desire a reality should come with relative ease.

For example, the task of writing becomes “easier” for me when certain conditions align – having the right mindset and being in a conducive environment. In this state of ease, positive energy flows, turning the creative process into an enjoyable experience. When you are in flow, it doesn’t feel like hard work.

Every moment in life we have a choice. To do one thing or another; to go one place or another; so many thousands of choices we have each day. What if, when we are faced with these choices, we focus on how the choice will make us feel? While the choice may make us feel uncomfortable in the moment, will that choice eventually result in greater ease in the long term? 

For example, you may have to make a decision to fire an employee who, while loyal and a good friend, is no longer performing his work to your requirements. Initially, the decision to fire the employee may bring some discomfort. Eventually, however, it will bring more ease, because you may be able to replace this employee with one who does not cause resistance, therefore greater productivity. 

Your Decision To Make:

Suppose you are about to enter a stressful career-defining meeting. You have been worried about how you will perform in this meeting for weeks, and what the consequences of this meeting will be. Moreover, you can approach the meeting in one of two ways – and it is your decision to make one of these two ways a reality.

You can either 1) enter the meeting anxious, worried about what you will say, or fearful of the judgment of others. Anxiety, worry, fear, and judgment – these are all negative emotions that will create negative energy the moment you walk into that room. What do you think will happen then? Will there be positive flow forward, or will there be resistance to everything you say and do? I think the answer is obvious. 

“All positive emotions which will release positive energy, lessen the resistance, and create positive flow forward.”

The other option is 2) enter the meeting with optimism, excitement for the consequences, collaboration with those around you, non judgment of their response, and confidence in your abilities. Optimism, excitement, collaboration, non judgment, confidence. All positive emotions which will release positive energy, lessen the resistance, and create positive flow forward.

Negative situations are inevitable, yet our reactions to them are within our control. It begins with our thoughts.  What thoughts are you going to think in each moment, and therefore, what emotions will result? Choosing positive thoughts over negative ones initiates a cascade of ease and flow, resulting in extraordinary actions.

What Will Choosing Your New Year Word Do For You?

Great things are created in this world when they are created in a state of flow. Think of a stream moving forward. There will be tiny pebbles causing ripples, however, the overall momentum of the stream is a positive flow of movement. 

Intentions matter.  Mine for this year include a flourishing business, stronger relationships, and optimal health. Every decision I make will be in the knowing that it will happen, in fact believing it has already happened. All I have to do is make the decision – in every piece of work I do, in every conversation I have, and in everything I do to make my body healthy – that I am going to do what feels right, what makes me happy, and what creates the least resistance in the long term.

Ease and flow, my friend. I want that for you too. What words will define your year?

Need help defining your Word for 2024? Let’s chat about your visions for yourself this year. Remember, say it with confidence – “It’s My Time Now!”

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